Investing in Luxury Real Estate Projects Gurgaon


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In India, anything close to basic is also referred to as luxury by sellers and enthusiastic developers who are eager to sell of their properties with a luxury tag on it, irrespective of what it actually is. You should not be surprised to see 1BHK and 2 BHK homes sold as luxury items because there is absolutely nothing to regulate or stop sellers from abusing the word for their personal gains. So, what is wrong about the luxury tag?

Why you should not fall for any property with ‘luxury’ in the name?

For a property to be really high end, it has to fulfil a few criteria, some of which are: location, space, density and advanced facilities are just a few.

Real Estate Developers Gurgaon

Real estate projects in Gurgaon

Locations: No matter if a project is ‘normal’ or ‘luxurious’, it is not home if one cannot reach it or get out of it with ease and reach places any time they need to. Investors need to look at many location parameters, such whether the project benefits from approach roads that allow for convenient vehicular entry and exit.

Parking: There is no specific yardstick by which to measure parking sufficiency in luxury projects in India. Usually, the number of bedrooms in a project should equal the number of available car parks. A 3 bedroom apartment should therefore have three parking spaces within the project. Real Estate Projects Gurgaon and other larger cities offer mechanized parking which is the best option presently available in market today.

Finally, Security: Luxury Real Estate Projects Gurgaon residents expect to have security systems installed at their residence, especially at front doors and windows. They expect to have the assurance that their families and properties will remain completely safe. A genuine Luxury Real Estate Projects Gurgaon has uncompromising human security as well as electronic surveillance and safety measures firmly in place for the welfare of the people within it.



Real Estate Developers in Gurgaon



Real Estate in Gurgaon has seen major developments over the past few years with new residential real estate market developed. Gurgaon is the most preferred destination from investment point of view and people are investing in property like never before. With major infrastructure development in and around the city, not only Gurgaon but also suburbs like Manesar, Kundli, Bhiwadi, and the Sohna Road are proving to be excellent investment opportunities.

Popularly known as the IT hub of India, Delhi is considered the centre for real estate transactions in India. With the increasing number of tourists and students, the real state in Delhi has become one of the sought after properties in India. Here, property transactions are made in diverse fields including flats, houses, plots, agricultural land, industrial sheds, industrial lands and residential plots.

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Why Real Estate Developers in Gurgaon are so enthusiastic?

No doubt in the fact that the real estate companies in Gurgaon find the city to be highly feasible for property development. Due to the establishment of the top MNCs especially IT companies, Gurgaon realty market along with commercial spaces also generates high demand for residential and retail structures.

A very obvious reason that rules in favor of Real Estate Developers in Gurgaon is the city’s proximity to New Delhi and the airport. The realty housing complexes are responsible for developing planned residential areas prompting prospective buyers to choose Gurgaon as their residential address. Renowned Gurgaon Real Estate Builders are coming up with number of premium housing projects. These include Central Park, Park View 2, Malibu Towne, Palm Groove Heights, Mayfield Gardens, Sahara Grace, Orchid Belmonte, Eldeco Mansionzol, Vatika City, and Heritage City among many others.

The Real Estate Developers in Gurgaon are surging strongly. The improved infrastructure, metro rail, coupled with the growing income are some of the main factors encouraging real estate developers to invest in this fast flourishing cyber city. Industry experts predict an impending boom in the investment sector of Gurgaon.


Special Features That Make Pareena Project in Sector 99A Unique



Every home is unique and features that make it better compared to others. Things that make a home special are different for each buyer, but there are a few factors that are similar across the board. Here are some attributes that are really special for home owners.

Overall character of the locality

Every neighbourhood has a personality about it that makes it different. People call it the character of the neighbourhood and that is what counts when you have little children to raise and protect. Check out the area late at night, early morning and in the middle of the day. See if there are any odd weather or traffic patterns and try to observe some of the neighbours. You may even go so far as talking to some neighbours. It’s important to walk around, open your eyes and ears and make sure there isn’t anything you’re overlooking. Look for all possibilities of conflict that may arise in the locality. Imagine if you had to wake up each morning to loud music, or go to bed each night listening to brawls.


Pareena project in sector 99

Pareena project in sector 99

Value of Your Home Today and Tomorrow

Every home has a value attached to it. Values keep appreciating and depreciating, for some, the value of real estate is the only criteria that help them choose one home over the other. A good real estate agent who has been working the neighbourhood for some time can vouch for the long-term value or investment potential of the property. But be sure to find ways to add value, or at least be certain the home will hold its value. Pareena Project in Sector 99A meets these criteria quite nicely.


Pareena Project in Sector 99A is a living space where opportunities abound. Not only is it perfect for working professionals, thanks to its proximity to multinational companies, it is also perfect for people with kids. There are countless great schools with a curriculum that is truly world class in terms of the quality of education it imparts.

Repeatedly ask yourself if you are most certain on all the above mentioned points. You can obviously look for more criteria to filter your options, but these three will be more than enough to give you a fairly good selection to pick from.


Should You Invest in Serviced Residential Apartments Gurgaon


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Expatriates are showing great interest in buying homes off the Gurgaon Golf Course. There are indeed some classically made homes in the area that have managed to capture the attention of buyers looking for an exclusive lifestyle that is at par with the western way of living. The standards of living in the western countries is obviously at a stark contrast with what we would call the Indian lifestyle, but that said, some real estate development groups have been able to tackle the problem of replicating the premium feel and aura of what Expats expect from Residential Apartments Gurgaon. There are varied opinions on whether investing in serviced residential apartments is actually the right thing to do, and it turns out, above all the divided opinion on the matter, there is a strong indication that buyers/investors actually think very positively about Residential Apartments Gurgaon, serviced or otherwise.


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residential projects Gurgaon

What’s the appeal of Residential Apartments Gurgaon?

First and foremost the real glamour behind Residential Apartments Gurgaon is the ease that is inherent about serviced places. It must however be pointed out that not all residential properties are serviced or furnished, thereby letting you make any choice you deem fit for your family and you of course.

The biggest appeal of these residential spaces is the fact that there is absolutely no hassle to worry about for the investor. The experience of being in a service apartment is that akin to that of staying at an upscale hotel with everything managed and maintained for you, without you having to hire or pay for housekeeping. This minimum level of housekeeping is perfect for people looking for little worry in the way of maintaining their homes. Long stories short, Residential Apartments Gurgaon that are furnished are perfect for working couples or even singles. Another thing that buyers look for in Residential Apartments Gurgaon is privacy and these apartments never fail them.


New Residential Properties in Gurgaon – A Review



A stable government has been instituted at the centre thanks to a massive mandate given by the people in the largest democracy in the world. The overall sentiment is positive because the government is pro-business. But the real estate sector of India has a brain of its own and throbs whenever the political giants roll over, and this election was a war that saw the obliteration of several big names in Indian polity.

Comparison of What Has Changed Before and After Elections 2014


The Indian real estate sector witnessed assets reaching high prices across the metro regions over the last few quarters. In spite of the crumbling demands, the price graph kept growing at a steady rate and effected speculation in the realty market.

The slow movement of economic activities negatively affected housing projects and uncertainty in political scenario of the country.

The slowing economy had a domino effect on the disposable income of buyers and hence the demand of assets took severely affected expectations in the housing market expected demand from the market.

The projects were sucked beneath the surface owing to red tapism and laxity from authorities which later led to further escalation in price of assets for the common buyers of houses in India.


What Changed Post Elections

New economic regulations introduced by the new government establishment at the centre will certainly induce positive sentiment in the realty market with GDP gunning at full throttle helping realize economic growth envisioned for the nation in the next 5 years.

The housing sector is currently witnessing increasing inventories in the shape of new launches post election along with some very important price corrections which was necessary. This can be attributed to clarity and confidence amongst builders in the country who are buoyed by hopes for reformation in the sector with regulatory bill.

Nothing is quite clear yet, but the initial response of the market to the political developments has been more than positive and going by that we are pretty sure that in the days to come buyers will invest more in projects which are launched now and are already adjusted with the price corrections of recent days.


Pareena Real Estate Projects in Gurgaon – Updates



Pareena Real Estate Gurgaon is being developed by none other than Pareena Infrastructure which is a two decade old company with extensive experience in the field of building grand exclusive real estate projects of varying complexity and scope, keeping different goals in mind. From the days when Pareena Real Estate Projects Gurgaon was in its nascent stage, the group never lost focus and was steadily pushing harder and exceeding its own standards in developing projects that were one better than the previous. It has built its reputation and the loyal customer base through projects, commercial as well as retail, in Delhi and NCR region. Pareena Real Estate Projects Gurgaon is also strong in states like Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. The elegant portfolio of projects has a variety of structures ranging from housing projects, cooperative societies, malls, retail offices etc. In each, Pareena has displayed its longstanding commitment to conceptualizing thoughtful design and execution of the same. It’s a commitment that Pareena Real Estate Projects Gurgaon has shown in all past and present projects and we will see that level of finesse and commitment in real estate that are up and coming in NCR.


Few are the spaces that truly inspire lifestyles. The Elite Residences’ by Pareena Real Estate Projects Gurgaon is an up swanky luxury residential tower at Sector 99, Dwaraka Expressway, Gurgaon. This strategically located project will be home to an elite few and comes with facilities such as Club, Swimming pool, Children’s play area and open greens among others. If one was to ask where the company is headed in the days ahead, one can reply with certainty that for Pareena Real Estate Projects Gurgaon exceptional service, skill and competence is the way ahead. Their vision is to build inspiring, healthy and sustainable green spaces that enhance the quality and productivity of life without taking away from the environment. That is the reason why Pareena Real Estate Projects Gurgaon has come to be the first choice of people looking to buy a residence in Gurgaon.

Gurgaon – New age housing hub for home buyers



With Delhi getting short of space and overtly populated, people now have started to move out of Delhi and towards NCR regions that include Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, etc. for their residential needs. These new housing projects are not just equipped with modern amenities but are also available to the end users at a competitive price, which is lesser than what buyers may pay in Delhi.

Gurgaon is one of the most preferred zones when it comes to new housing projects, be it for organic home buyers or the investors. You may attribute it to the fact that before being residentially crowded, Gurgaon was already a hub for many offices and IT companies.


There was a major need for housing projects in Gurgaon and which is why; it topped the charts of the developers. It was the first destination in NCR that came up with new projects and which is why it is presently well consumed by residents.

Also, the trend of nuclear families, people migrating to metro cities for work and a strong purchasing power of working professionals, works in favour of the trending housing projects. 

Many reputed developers offer exclusive housing projects in Gurgaon with distinct lifestyle amenities that give an edge to the buyers in evaluating between these housing projects. Acres of green verdant within the society or township, gym, kids play area, underground parking, modern interiors, 24X7 power back up, proximity to metro stations; attract the buyers to the new age housing projects in Gurgaon. 

Choose Pareena Flats in Gurgaon for Luxury Lifestyle


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When luxury meets premium lifestyle, the perfect residence is created. With immaculate planning and ground breaking innovation that simple residence is then turned into something unique and a piece of art in itself.

Open spaces within and beyond


The upcoming generation values open spaces more than complicated architecture. Wide airy spaces provide not just proper ventilation, but also healthy living environment and the benefit of getting ample sunlight all year round. Pareena Flats Gurgaon has been building on spacious vistas that extend and amplify the joys of living in open spaces. In addition to adding more spaces to your personal living area, it also adds new scopes of ventilation to the house which undoubtedly makes the place very healthy to live in.

Social infrastructure at its best

Private townships are also clearly what the millennial wants. All in one private place complete with hospitals, schools and entertainment parks make residential living areas very exciting. At the end of the day when you return home you expect to enjoy quality time with your family and that is when entertainment facilities in Pareena Flats Gurgaon make all the difference. The unique facility in Pareena flats Gurgaon extends beyond entertainment. Heath care facilities, security, commercial and recreational centers in the vicinity of the living spaces.

Pareena flats Gurgaon will indulge your senses with its grand, spacious design and well laid out infrastructure and unique recreational facilities.


Building Relationships with Builders and Developers in Gurgaon


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Professionally managed real estate development companies and builders and developers in Gurgaon are building new bridges and creating new alliances with their buyers every day. Their works have gone beyond commercial projects, over the years, residential properties have taken the centre-stage in the nation’s capital.

The growth in the residential entities in Gurgaon is largely due to new opportunities that have been cropping up all over New Delhi and elsewhere in NCR. Builders and developers in Gurgaon has stood up to the challenge and delivered on that front with conviction and to the complete satisfaction of clients, both looking for residential as well as commercial properties.


But more important than commercial buildings are residential apartments that are getting picked up by millennial buyers faster than businesses are picking commercial spaces. Needless to say therefore, residential spaces do get the lion’s share of attention from developers and they have done justice to it. The core strength that has pushed real estate giants to such heights is commitment, outstanding designs and more importantly professional management that builders and developers in Gurgaon has become good at providing.

So if you are looking to ride on the wave of rapid development and make the best of opportunities in the NCR, take your time to reach out to the best real estate developers in Gurgaon to find high worth apartments at good prices. Since high end builders and developers in Gurgaon build premium properties, your expenses will be deep and therefore merit long deliberation on your part.


Luxury Residential Apartments in Gurgaon – Best Investment Option


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The millennial generation is more active in real estate recently. According to surveys carried out by experienced real estate agents point out that the mean age of buyers have come down to the age bracket of 27-30. As much as 40% of new buyers are young. This has changed the dynamics of how luxury apartments in Gurgaon are designed and sold.

What has changed in recent years?

The obvious and apparent change that has happened in recent years is the increase in disposable income within families. Also banks are becoming more eager than ever to push their housing financial products to young customers. Buoyed by the dreams of a good life, these young customers are not wary of taking out financial risks. Double income households where both spouses earn salaries are more likely to be approached by banks with financial products, thereby enabling such families to invest in Luxury Apartments in Gurgaon.


Rise in Expectations

Besides the fact that new buyers have more money to spend, expectations have also risen by a lot. Young Indians are buying homes abroad mainly in Canada, UK and in other parts of Europe and with their superior experience overseas, buyers have come to expect the same degree of finesse and execution in luxury apartments in Gurgaon and elsewhere in the nation.

Luxury Apartments in Gurgaon today include the best of what Indian consumers want from their homes as well as aspects from European homes and included them in upscale luxury apartments in Gurgaon. So, if you are in the market and looking for luxury apartments in Gurgaon or anywhere in the NCR for that matter, sure to be look for the best options available for you.