The Brightness and Liveliness at The Pareena Elite Residences



With nightfall, Pareena Elite Residences take on a different dimension. The brightness and liveliness is one that is rare and sublime. Located in a prime location of Gurgaon, Pareena Elite Residences offers a panoramic view of the night life. Designed with the discerning clientele in mind, Pareena Elite Residences is as good as it gets. The charm that begins at the entrance carries throughout and continues to enthrall thanks to the brilliant plans of the designers at Pareena Elite Residences.

At Pareena Elite Residences simple elegance flows throughout the entire space; the line between indoors and outdoors is blurred, creating a harmonious balance of modern design and natural surroundings. Relax in the in-ground pool and soak in the other highlights of this property including classically designed bedrooms and spacious bathrooms.

Here is a list of 5 things that you can do to make your night life at Pareena Elite Residences fulfilling.

1. SOCIALIZE: Go out with friends and family, and get involved in the local community. The evening time is the best time to know your community and understand your neighbors. Invite them over for supper and push the boat out for them.

2. GARDENING: The night time is the best time for you to engage in gardening. Curate a collection of the best seasonal and evergreen flowering shrubs that you can grow in your own balcony. Flowers have a way of refreshing the mind and the soul and rejuvenating your senses. A few minutes alone with your shrubs and flowers are enough to prepare you for the day ahead.

3. MEDITATION: If tending to flowers is not exactly what relaxes you, there is the age old technique of relaxation – meditation. You can practice it alone or with people in your community. Spending a few hours of your time daily meditation can be the most relaxing thing ever for your tired mind and soul.

4. VOLUNTEER FOR SOMETHING GOOD: There must definitely be people in your community who cannot send their kids to the best schools in town. Volunteer to teach them a new skill and share a few good lessons. That alone will fill your soul with contentment. But to do this with satisfaction you must balance your personal time and the time you spend volunteering. Nevertheless this is a wonderful way to give back to the community and make your life at Pareena Elite Residences even more gratifying.

5. GYM TIME: Some may argue that its best to gym in the morning, but a study carried out by the Clinical Research Centre of the University of Chicago showed that exercising in the evening can be better for some people. Before hitting the gym, make sure that you have talked to your health expert.

elite residences

Enjoy your private time doing things that make you feel better. Your evenings after work is not for e-mails and TV, do something better!


Best Time to Own a Luxurious Home in NCR : Pareena Coban Residences



Luxury portfolio offerings like Pareena Coban Residences in the NCR region are on the rise. Recent market reports point to a strengthening market scenario. This has probably to do with the steep fluctuations in the currency values. The Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India predict that there has been a 35% rise in enquiries related with reality thanks to the 34% weakening of the rupee against the US dollar. Weakening of the rupee is not the best thing that could have happened to national investors, but the time is perfect for expatriates. NRI investors are poised to save over 30% on costs.


The bulk of the interest in Indian real estate projects in Gurgaon or any other places are seen originating from the UAE and Gulf Region, Australia, Canada and UK. According to a news report in leading English daily, more than 5 million expatriates live in these countries that are going to benefit from the falling value of the rupee. Of all these people who have left their country for foreign shores have one thing in common and that is their desire to buy property in India and there could not have been a better time to do that.

Pareena Coban Residences is a real estate project is the embodiment of unparalleled workmanship and luxury merged seamlessly with exquisite details and magnificence that is seen more commonly in European real estate projects than here in the subcontinent. Grand scale rooms, formal dining rooms, elaborate living rooms and mesmerising views from Pareena Coban Residences is what puts it in an exclusive class of its own.

India is the home to the most vibrant people on earth. Art and culture here is the stuff of legends and finally there is the world famous cuisine that attracts people to India. Science and technology in the country is developing at a great pace which optimally balances old world charm along with modern day advancements. The NCR region is the best place to be if you want to enjoy the best of the Indian culture and have access to the latest facilities that very few cities in the country has. Not only will you find the best health and educational institutes in the entire country, you will also love the vibrant shopping districts and international brands all within the convenient reach of your home at Pareena Coban Residences.

New Housing Projects in Gurgaon from Pareena


Every new housing project in Gurgaon that came up in the last few years had one thing common in their promotional infomercials and that was the focus on greenery and landscaping. Suddenly landscapes around real estate apartments were the new thing that attracted buyers by the dozen and more and there was a reason for that. Architects, general contractors and homeowners were going gaga over alien plants that were not native to the locality or the region. This of course added the charm of an European or American (or wherever the plants were sourced from) countryside cottage and made homeowners feel special about their home. But there were some very far reaching harms of using foreign plants for landscaping new housing projects in Gurgaon. Today we will take a look at some of those negative effects on the housing projects.


Unnecessary Stress on the local habitat: Many foreign species are not suitable for local conditions and when those are introduced in an unknown habitat the species either succumb to unfriendly conditions or exert undue pressure on the local environment. These are native species of Australia, but they can be successfully grown in many other regions of the world. Many kinds of unexpected side effects have been found. Eucalyptus species often produce litter that is poisonous to other organisms, they are too efficient of taking water from the soil, ground water may even disappear, small rivers may become dry during dry seasons etc. New housing projects in Gurgaon are taking the right steps to use local trees for landscaping.
Low Acquisition Costs: Buying foreign plant species is an extra burden that most new housing projects in Gurgaon do not want to waste any money on such luxuries. But that does not mean that these new projects are not spending any money on landscaping. They buy trees from local nursery will have lower acquisition, overhead and delivery costs on these plants since these are easier to acquire, cultivate and transport; these plants are well-suited for the local conditions and the clients are in relatively close proximity. These savings will then be passed on to the buyers, which results in more affordable tag prices.
Lower Maintenance Costs: The best thing about using local flora is that the maintenance overhead on these things are very low, almost none because local trees take care of themselves and they don’t even need costly pesticides or manures. The only expense is in pruning and trimming these local plants and the costs of doing so are negligible compared to maintaining costly foreign flora. If you love nature and want to contribute to its well-being, then perhaps you should choose a real estate company that has started implementing this technique for landscaping their new property projects in Gurgaon.

Security in Residential Properties in Gurgaon


Residential Properties in Gurgaon are not only known for their opulence and comfortable living spaces, they are also among the most secured residential pockets in the national capital region. Though there are many security agencies in Gurgaon that offer residential and corporate security arrangements, the best way to guard your family and property from outsiders is by installing surveillance equipments.
Before installing any surveillance equipment in your home consider a few things. Residential properties in Gurgaon have resident’s welfare committee that take care of such things and employ guards, but that is usually not enough to keep thieves at bay. For instance consider your kids; it could be considerably easy for someone to elicit sensitive information regarding your family and use that to hatch nefarious schemes to rob you! Despite the fact that Residential properties in Gurgaon have good security arrangements in place to safeguard its residents, there have been several cases in the recent past when children and old residents have been targeted by anti-social elements. To prevent such incidents, responsible adults in the family should either take steps to educate children about the risks lurking in modern societies or take concrete measures to fend off any attempt made by thieves or burglars.
Almost every conscious owner of residential properties in Gurgaon is proactively augmenting the security in their homes. This includes steps like installing surveillance equipment in the periphery of the house and setting up intruder prevention mechanisms that take care of such issues comprehensively. Now even if some vulnerable in your family falls prey to the trickery of crooks, the security arrangements in place keep everything safe within your home.
That being said, it must be clearly noted that the security of your family is as strong as the weakest link in it. What that means is that you will have to take pains to educate your children about the various things that will keep your family safer. For instance the kids must be taught not to giveaway surfs about the family or speak with strangers regarding anything that could equip them with important information that could be enough for them to do something harmful against you. Another thing that is important regarding security is the locality. If you think that the safety and welfare of your family has been compromised, look for residential apartments Gurgaon such as Pareena that have been vetted by experts as safe.