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In India, anything close to basic is also referred to as luxury by sellers and enthusiastic developers who are eager to sell of their properties with a luxury tag on it, irrespective of what it actually is. You should not be surprised to see 1BHK and 2 BHK homes sold as luxury items because there is absolutely nothing to regulate or stop sellers from abusing the word for their personal gains. So, what is wrong about the luxury tag?

Why you should not fall for any property with ‘luxury’ in the name?

For a property to be really high end, it has to fulfil a few criteria, some of which are: location, space, density and advanced facilities are just a few.

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Locations: No matter if a project is ‘normal’ or ‘luxurious’, it is not home if one cannot reach it or get out of it with ease and reach places any time they need to. Investors need to look at many location parameters, such whether the project benefits from approach roads that allow for convenient vehicular entry and exit.

Parking: There is no specific yardstick by which to measure parking sufficiency in luxury projects in India. Usually, the number of bedrooms in a project should equal the number of available car parks. A 3 bedroom apartment should therefore have three parking spaces within the project. Real Estate Projects Gurgaon and other larger cities offer mechanized parking which is the best option presently available in market today.

Finally, Security: Luxury Real Estate Projects Gurgaon residents expect to have security systems installed at their residence, especially at front doors and windows. They expect to have the assurance that their families and properties will remain completely safe. A genuine Luxury Real Estate Projects Gurgaon has uncompromising human security as well as electronic surveillance and safety measures firmly in place for the welfare of the people within it.