A stable government has been instituted at the centre thanks to a massive mandate given by the people in the largest democracy in the world. The overall sentiment is positive because the government is pro-business. But the real estate sector of India has a brain of its own and throbs whenever the political giants roll over, and this election was a war that saw the obliteration of several big names in Indian polity.

Comparison of What Has Changed Before and After Elections 2014


The Indian real estate sector witnessed assets reaching high prices across the metro regions over the last few quarters. In spite of the crumbling demands, the price graph kept growing at a steady rate and effected speculation in the realty market.

The slow movement of economic activities negatively affected housing projects and uncertainty in political scenario of the country.

The slowing economy had a domino effect on the disposable income of buyers and hence the demand of assets took severely affected expectations in the housing market expected demand from the market.

The projects were sucked beneath the surface owing to red tapism and laxity from authorities which later led to further escalation in price of assets for the common buyers of houses in India.


What Changed Post Elections

New economic regulations introduced by the new government establishment at the centre will certainly induce positive sentiment in the realty market with GDP gunning at full throttle helping realize economic growth envisioned for the nation in the next 5 years.

The housing sector is currently witnessing increasing inventories in the shape of new launches post election along with some very important price corrections which was necessary. This can be attributed to clarity and confidence amongst builders in the country who are buoyed by hopes for reformation in the sector with regulatory bill.

Nothing is quite clear yet, but the initial response of the market to the political developments has been more than positive and going by that we are pretty sure that in the days to come buyers will invest more in projects which are launched now and are already adjusted with the price corrections of recent days.