Luxury portfolio offerings like Pareena Coban Residences in the NCR region are on the rise. Recent market reports point to a strengthening market scenario. This has probably to do with the steep fluctuations in the currency values. The Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India predict that there has been a 35% rise in enquiries related with reality thanks to the 34% weakening of the rupee against the US dollar. Weakening of the rupee is not the best thing that could have happened to national investors, but the time is perfect for expatriates. NRI investors are poised to save over 30% on costs.


The bulk of the interest in Indian real estate projects in Gurgaon or any other places are seen originating from the UAE and Gulf Region, Australia, Canada and UK. According to a news report in leading English daily, more than 5 million expatriates live in these countries that are going to benefit from the falling value of the rupee. Of all these people who have left their country for foreign shores have one thing in common and that is their desire to buy property in India and there could not have been a better time to do that.

Pareena Coban Residences is a real estate project is the embodiment of unparalleled workmanship and luxury merged seamlessly with exquisite details and magnificence that is seen more commonly in European real estate projects than here in the subcontinent. Grand scale rooms, formal dining rooms, elaborate living rooms and mesmerising views from Pareena Coban Residences is what puts it in an exclusive class of its own.

India is the home to the most vibrant people on earth. Art and culture here is the stuff of legends and finally there is the world famous cuisine that attracts people to India. Science and technology in the country is developing at a great pace which optimally balances old world charm along with modern day advancements. The NCR region is the best place to be if you want to enjoy the best of the Indian culture and have access to the latest facilities that very few cities in the country has. Not only will you find the best health and educational institutes in the entire country, you will also love the vibrant shopping districts and international brands all within the convenient reach of your home at Pareena Coban Residences.